Major Blues Scales 1.2

Major Blues Scales 1.2


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Date Added:02 July, 2014

Author: Learn Guitar

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This software program shows you all the notes of the major blues scale for the guitar in any key including the sharps and flats. No musical theory involved. Just select which key you want and you will see all the notes on the fretboard for the major blues scale in that key.

If you've got to put together a solo or riff in a key you're not familiar with, such as F sharp, A flat, E flat, or some other less common key, this will show you the notes for that key. It shows each of the five box patterns, including all of the box patterns an octave below and above that fit on the fretboard for that key. It also shows a diagram of every note on the fretboard for the major blues scale for that key.

You will still need to learn and practice your major blues scales. What this quick reference guide does is to give you a shortcut when you need to play in a key you haven't memorised. Using this guide will help you learn and memorise those scales and box patterns in different keys on your guitar.

System Requirements: Windows 95 or above and Internet Explorer 4 or above

Systems: Windows, Windows 7, Win2000, Win95, Win98, WinVista, WinXP, Win7 x32

Versions History:

Date Released: Version: Change Info:
2012-06-07 1.2 V1.2 Software now comes with an installer. Program can now be run from Start Menu. Software can be removed with Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.
V1.1A download file changed from exe to zip.
V1.1 correction to fourth box on G and G#/Ab diagrams.

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